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About our journal negotiations

We negotiate and license on a national level for licensing online journals on behalf of the higher and further education and research communities in the UK. Our journal agreements were established in 2004 as a successor to earlier consortial initiatives that emerged with the arrival of online journals in the mid-1990s.

Content from 16 leading scholarly publishers is covered by our journal agreements which typically span 1-3 years in duration. Over 7,000 online journals are available to authorised users. Financial savings on the content purchased, as a result of focused negotiations by our staff, amounted to £6 million in 2012 and we estimate our negotiations have saved the community over £50 million since 2004. The content itself is made accessible directly from publishers’ web platforms.

Our specialist team of negotiators manages all aspects of the Journal Agreement offers, including our Helpdesk, who are always on hand to answer questions from member institutions.

Key benefits of our journal negotiations and agreements are as follows:

  • use of the Model Licence for Journals that allow staff and students to make effective use of the online journals included in the offers
  • a clearly defined list of publishers, based on feedback from the community, ensures that journal titles are selected in response to institutional demand
  • highly experienced licensing staff who are committed to negotiating the most favourable pricing, terms and conditions possible
  • pre-defined criteria to assist the negotiation process
  • simplified administration for participating publishers and institutions

In 2007 we launched the Journal SMP initiative in reponse to demand from the academic community and as part of our committment to widening access to high-quality content. This programme extends our journal negotiations to include online journals from from small and medium-sized publishers.

You can find the full list of journal agreement offers in our Catalogue. Alternatively you can view the list of current participating Journal Agreement Publishers.

To find the agreements that are due to be renewed please search using the current year's expiry date.

Last updated: March 2016