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Portico eJournals Agreement available for 2017-19

Currently, over 2,000 publishing societies, associations, and commercial entities from around the world collaborate with Portico to preserve their content. Over 26,800 e-journals, 805,269 e-books, and over 170 digitized historical collections are now under Portico’s preservation stewardship.

Participating libraries, including their students, faculty, and staff, gain access to preserved content when specific conditions or “trigger events” occur which cause titles to no longer be available from the publisher or any other source.

By participating in Portico’s preservation services, libraries protect their investment in e-content and provide themselves with a secure and reliable transition from print to a reliance on e-content. Portico has worked with Jisc Collections to establish a Collections Agreement and savings on participation in Portico to facilitate UK library participation in Portico’s e-journal and e-book digital preservation services. Savings are tiered based on the number of institutions participating through the offer each year.


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