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Information for publishers and content owners

If you are new to Jisc Collections and how we work you may find the Publisher Engagement document a useful introduction as well as our Collections Management Development Policy.

Benefits for publishers

  • As a single body representing the collective voice of the UK academic sector, and expert in negotiation and licensing, we save you time and effort, allowing you more time to build relationships with librarians and users regarding the content.
  • With many years' experience of working for the UK academic sector and understanding their needs, we can provide realistic insights into current and future requirements and trends.
  • Publishers can show a firmer commitment to UK HE/FE/Education and Governmental requirements
  • An agreement with Jisc Collections is a hallmark of quality - institutions are confident that the terms and conditions of our agreements will meet their requirements and can subscribe to your offer without delay.
  • Our model licence, developed with publishers and institutions provides security on how your content is accessed and used.  The consistency provided by the model licence enables librarians to more effectively communicate and enforce agreed terms and conditions locally.
  • We enable an easier procurement process.  We provide a single route to market plus a centralised subscription process.
  • Through our library support services you will have access to highly skilled staff who can help you increase the discovery, value and integration of your content within institutions and library systems.

Jisc Collections is an entry route for new publishers, new markets and for establishing new products. 

We have also put together a series of guides for the publishing community. Please click on the items on the left to find the information you are looking for.

You may also want to refer to the Guide to our Model Licences and our price Banding information.

Alternatively you can contact us.


Last updated: May 2017